Death and Hell: Eternal Torture or Everlasting Destruction?

by Dirk Waren

The Bible teaches about death and hell…that those who reject God’s message of reconciliation and gift of eternal life will be cast into the lake of fire,which is described as “the second death.” This is eternal damnation with no hope of resurrection. The purpose of HELL KNOW is to examine the Holy Scriptures to determine the precise nature of death and hell, the “second death,” and show through a detailed study that refers to the soul’s literal everlasting destruction and not to eternal torment. More and more Biblically sound evangelical Christians are coming to realize this important scriptural truth about death and hell.

Let me emphasize beforehand that there’s absolutely no disputing the fact that eternal damnation is a horrifying reality in Christian thought. We should take the Bible’s repeated warnings about death and hell seriously, and encourage others to do the same.

I do not attempt to prove the existence of God or the reliability of the Judeo-Christian Scriptures; such issues are beyond the scope of this writing.

This study is intended for anyone who has an interest in finding out what the Bible plainly and consistently teaches about death and hell and related subjects (including a fascinating exploration of human nature in Appendix B). So, whether you’re a devoted Christian, a doubting Christian, an agnostic, an atheist — or simply a fellow human being who disdains all such labeling — I welcome you on this journey of discovery.

This is the CONTENTS PAGE to HELL KNOW. Below you will find introductions and links to all 12 chapters (10 regular chapters and 2 appendixes, plus a bibliography). God Bless You! 



The Problem of Hell: Traditionalism vs. Annihilationism

What Does the Bible Teach about hell? There are two major views on hell by Christians: Traditionalism vs Annihilationism. Traditionally, the most prominent view regarding eternal damnation is that the people cast into hell -- the lake of fire -- will suffer fiery conscious torments forever and ever. Depicting the ...
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Examples of Everlasting Destruction in the Bible

Here we shall look at prominent biblical examples of literal everlasting destruction that back-up the numerous passages which blatantly state that unrighteous people will be destroyed in the lake of fire and not suffer never-ending roasting torment, such as Matthew 10:28, 2 Thessalonians 1:9 and 2 Peter 3:7. The Example of Gehenna: “Hell” Let’s start with the very ...
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Further Proof that Hell is Everlasting Destruction

There is one biblical book in particular that simply and clearly backs up all the evidence for literal everlasting destruction that we’ve amassed so far, the book of 2 Peter. 2 Peter on Everlasting Destruction Let’s observe what this book has to say about human damnation starting with a text ...
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Immortal Soul: The Great Lie

Let's discuss the great lie of the "immortal soul." In light of the colossal amount of scriptural evidence for literal everlasting destruction that we’ve amassed so far, how could anyone who knows how to read possibly adhere to the theory of eternal torment? What is it that prevents adherents of ...
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The Bible and Hell: Supposed Proof Texts for Eternal Torture

Let's discuss the Bible and Hell. Since the Bible doesn't teach that unredeemed people possess immortality or that they will suffer eternal torment in the lake of fire, the only way adherents of these beliefs can defend their position is by milking a small number of passages for details that ...
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The Truth About Hell: Other Arguments Proving Annihilation

Let's discuss the truth about hell. In light of the overwhelmingly clear biblical support for literal everlasting destruction and the lack thereof for eternal torment, adherents of the latter view have had to resort to all sorts of bizarre religious theories and objections. This chapter and the next one are devoted to ...
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Hell Doctrine and the Early Christian Church

Exploring Judeo-Christian History Let's discuss the hell doctrine in the early Christian church. Because adherents of eternal torment have a difficult time finding legitimate biblical support for their position they naturally resort to extra-biblical arguments based on religious tradition and Judeo-Christian history. This chapter is devoted to exploring Judeo-Christian history ...
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Hell and False Doctrine: Issues of Morality & Justice

Let's discuss hell and false doctrine. Although the most important reason for rejecting eternal torture is the simple fact that the Bible does not teach it, there are other strong arguments in opposition to it, not the least being that it is utterly repulsive to the instinctive moral and judicial ...
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Hell in the Bible: The True Literal View

When studying "hell" in the Bible, there’s an excellent book on eternal damnation titled Two Views of Hell by Edward Fudge and Robert Peterson. The view of everlasting destruction is presented by Mr. Fudge and he does a great job as his case rests totally on Scripture, which, of course, ...
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Conclusion: Hell is Everlasting Destruction not Eternal Torment

Hell is not eternal torment. As pointed out a couple of times in this study, the doctrine of eternal torment is the silent subject of the church. This is strange when considering the importance of the issue of eternal damnation -- it literally deals with the eternal fate of masses of humanity. Yet ...
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What does the Old Testament say about Hell?

The question, "What does the Old Testament say about hell?" is important. The scriptural support for literal everlasting destruction is so immense that I actually had to limit what I included in the main body of HELL KNOW. I felt I provided more than enough evidence and that, to include ...
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Understanding Human Nature: Mind, Body and Spirit

In Chapter Four we briefly looked at the subject of human nature. This appendix is for readers who desire to dig deeper in their biblical studies on the subject of mind, body and spirit, and how they relate. There has been much debate in the church on the subject of ...
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Bibliography for HELL KNOW!

Bibliography Akin, James. How to Explain Purgatory to Protestants. James Akin (www.cin.org/users/james/files/how2 purg.html), 1996 Arthur, Kay. How to Study the Bible. Eugene: Harvest House, 1994 Boice, James Montgomery. Does Inerrancy Matter? Oakland: International Council on Biblical Inerrancy, 1979 Buis, Harry. The Doctrine of Eternal Punishment. Philadelphia: Presbyterian and Reformed, 1957 ...
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»  HELL KNOW is available in book form! This is the New Revised Edition (2016) with numerous pages of additional material (26 more pages than the 2014 edition for a total of 350 pages). You can purchase a low-priced copy here. Or you can get the eBook version here for only $2.99. Both links allow you to “Look inside” the book.51je1fVeOvL[1]


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