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For further reading:   All authors are from an Evangelical background.


  1. Mike Gibson
    Mar 1, 2020

    Keep the truth coming.

  2. Dennis Nichols
    Mar 29, 2016

    Just came upon your website; appears to be a very good work indeed. Not sure if this is in your library, but trust you will find it helpful:


  3. v
    Mar 19, 2016

    I saw you talking about Rev. 14. John runs two different sections
    of Lamb stories within Revelation.

    a Lamb /Rev. 5

    a Lamb/Rev. 14
    John had not seen the ones get sealed in Rev. 7, so here he uses -an
    -as in – an 144,000
    not – the 144,000
    These 144,000/are among men too/ will learn a song that comes down from heaven.

    John links angels by their actions.
    such as:
    Rev. 8:13
    “…an angel flying through the midst of heaven…”

    Rev. 14:6
    “..another angel fly in the midst of heaven…”

    Jesus Christ will bring the sleeping saints with Him from heaven.
    Paul spoke of departing to be with the Lord.
    Every eye will see Him-the sign of the Son of man in heaven-
    Him seated on the right hand of power and coming.
    The wicked will hide from His face and His glory!
    6th seal/7th trumpet
    Immediately after the tribulation —-the stars of heaven fall –
    //6th seal

    Rev. 7 – starts a new vision
    after these things ///means- after these other visions came this one

  4. v
    Mar 19, 2016

    Revelation 19 shows John heard much people in heaven speaking before
    the marriage of the Lamb time came. Also, he saw the martyred souls under
    the altar. It seems that the righteous souls waited in Sheol until Jesus had died
    and later took those souls to heaven.
    Jacob, Moses, and more, even Josiah are shown as they would be gathered unto
    their fathers after they died. Psalms 49:15 shows being redeemed from the power
    of Sheol.
    Rev. 7 shows great tribulation martyrs around the throne.
    Revelation is not in the same order that it was given to John. This is why the great tribulation
    takes place in Rev. 7 and we find – the seven angels in Rev. 8:2.
    Rev. 12, 13, 15 – wonder -another wonder – another sign – seven angels -the seven angels
    This all unfolds in Rev. 7 before verse 2 – another angel ascending from the east.
    This angel is the 7th of a set of seven angels. After the sealing is done, they will head back to
    heaven – stand before God -and give their sealed numbers report to Him.

    part of
    Rev. 8:2 – the seven angels which stood before God
    They stood and received their trumpets and sounded them back in Rev. 7.

    The four angels are given the plagues – ways to harm by the angels coming
    from the east. They will cause the plagues as the seven angels sound the trumpets
    in heaven. The final angel coming from the east – has the trees plague. -the first
    trumpet plague

    The last chapters of Revelation 16 and on came from the little open book that John
    ate in chapter 10. He had more to prophesy. These sayings could not be sealed.

    Rev. 15 /at the end /sliding into Rev. 7 is actually when the trumpets sound.
    John learned that till those seven plagues of the seven angels were fulfilled
    men could not enter into the temple.
    Rev. 7 shows people are in the temple-serve Him day and night.

    The Rev. 15 angels descended from the temple in heaven to the east where one of
    the four beasts was so they could get more plagues-then they ascend from the east
    right into chapter 7. They wear linen. That lines right up with the one that set a mark
    on people back in Ezekiel 9.

    Rev. 11 ends with the link needed to start the next set of seven plagues – the vials in chapter
    16. Before the trumpets began in the place where we find their past story written, we find
    the final plague to come will be an earthquake. The vials will end later with an earthquake
    and great hail.

  5. Theresa Gomes
    Jul 12, 2015

    Thank you for this excellent page of resources! I am encouraged by the solid biblical scholarship concerning conditional immortality. I have referenced your website many times on my blog that focuses on the case against eternal torment.

    Would you consider adding it to your resources?


    • D Barry
      Jul 13, 2015

      Yes of course! You have an excellent site on Conditional Immortality!

  6. Daniel Sinclair
    Sep 30, 2014

    You need to add our well developed site http://www.rethinkinghell.com. We even had our first international conference on the topic in Houston this year. Let’s join forces on this! Thanks.

    p.s. I am a contributor at rh, we have a growing team of passionate Evangelical Conditionalists.

  7. Robert Joseph T.
    Jul 27, 2014

    Thanks for your Website resources.

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