1. Samual Yoder

    The traditional stance never made sense to me if one reads those verses as stated. Death is death, perish is perish, destroy is destroy, kill is kill, etc. When the traditionalists change the meaning of these words then the words in scripture really have no meaning as such, one can make the words mean whatever they want. However, if you take those words at face value and state so to a traditionalist you’ll get a lot of flack, hassle, maybe even be called a heretic.
    I hold as the annihilationist, but will let the traditionalists believe whatever they want to keep peace since it is not a salvation issue. Maybe that is wrong of me, but I hate arguing.

  2. Michael Bunnell

    It is impossible for a consuming fire to last forever because sooner or later it will consume everything and then have nothing more to consume.

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